Safefill refillable cylinders that you buy and own. These can be refilled at one of the many hundreds of Safefill refill centres located throughout the uk and Europe. They make a lightweight alternative to steel cylinders.

These come in three different sizes for your convenience, 5kg 7.5kg and 10kg.





Short and long term Helium cylinder packages available from as little as 50 balloons are available. Perfect for kids parties, weddings and family events. Contact us for further details and current prices.


Rent free welding

Combining usability, convenience and welding gas excellence, Maxx Cut & Weld packs the punch that welders need. Whether it's from our higher pressure industrial 200Bar/ 230Bar cylinders or the performance of our Maxx shield gases, Maxx cut and weld helps you achieve the welding results you want.

Maxx Shielding gases are purpose designed for MAG welding giving superb weld quality, excellent penetration, minimal spatter and low fume levels. These performance characteristics provide welders greater productivity and better results across a range of materials and thickness.

The Maxx Cut & Weld range is an ideal alternative for the hobbyist and low volume user, with no rental or collection charges applied. Refundable deposits do apply so please contact us for further details.