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LPG Gas Cylinders in Congleton, Cheshire

Speedy Supplies

Allow us to provide your home with a convenient alternative to main gas. Direct Bottles Gas provide a huge selection of bottled gas for homes in and around Congleton, Cheshire.

Stay Topped Up

Rest assured you will never run out of gas by relying on Direct Bottled Gas for plentiful supplies. Whether you depend on bottled gas for heating, leisure, or cooking purposes we can provide the appropriate type for you.

30 Years of Quality

For added peace of mind, we supply all sizes and fittings to accommodate all applications and different pressures. No access to mains gas? Put your faith in us for providing you with the fuel to keep you going. Our experts offer:

  • Propane
  • Butane
  • LPG gas
Gas Equipment, LPG Gas Cylinders in Congleton, Cheshire

Request a service from Direct Bottled Gas for LPG gas and other cylinders delivered straight to your door in Congleton, Cheshire.